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Fake bills

Fake bills

We have dollars, euros and pounds.  We also have our fake money in categories, grade A quality that works on ATM machines and bypass the counterfeit money detector and we also have the regular stage money that was us in jokes, commercials, music and movie videos.

NB; Our quality has been updated and bills are very accurate and as real thus reducing the risk or stress of our customers and a slight increase in our minimum order

Quality  of our bills

All denominations ✅

Passes pen test ✅

Micro print ✅

High quality plastic papers ✅

High Quality Print ✅

Correct colors ✅

Correct Seals ✅

Correct serial number font ✅

Holograms and Holographic Strips ✅

Micro-Lettering ✅

Metallic Ink and Thread ✅

Watermarks ✅

IR Detection ✅

Ultra-violet features ✅

See through Features ✅

Different serial numbers ✅

  And many other negotiable results

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